I’m Hanan.

I am an author, lecturer, and a certified trainer in Human Development. My mission is to contribute in change and positive influence. My tailored Positivity and Wellbeing courses helps anyone improve their positive thinking skills and be able to design the life they want as I believe happiness is a choice and you deserve it.

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Peace Handbook 2019

A guided book to a better mental health. Mental exercises wrapped in short quotes that are based on the Science of Positive Psychology and Emotional Intelligence.

This book focuses on the power of self love, self forgiveness and empathy.

Peace Starts within.

Sip of Happiness 2017

A inspirational self-development book that highlights positive values like giving, tolerance, pursuit and love translated in storytelling along with mental health exercises that is based on positive psychology.

What are the best practices that can elevate us to the next level?

How can we manage stress and deal with difficult people?

What are the best practices that promotes wellbeing?

HayaTech 2016

A motivational self-development book written in simple language with many real life successful stories, practical tips and tools to a more confident and positive life.

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More than 5000 copies sold across the region!

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Hanan has volunteered and participated in several humanitarian causes like the Volunteer Globally 2016, organized by Dubai Cares, where she and a group of diverse people traveled to Africa and built the foundation of a school along with the help of the community. She has always believed that having a strong sense of giving and responsibility towards others is the reason for her continuous efforts and work creation, as well as the drive that feeds her passion.

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