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Motivational Speaking

After a decade of investing in self education and acquiring the latest scientific research, knowledge, and practical tools in human psychology and self development; Hanan aspires to einstate the vigor and vitality of the human psyche, by empowering individuals with the necessary tools to overcome everyday hardships, in hopes to fulfill their true potential, and elevate their well-being on a personal and career level.

Talks across the Region

As a Keynote Speaker 

propagating the core values and need for self-management, leadership and well-being for various organizations, platforms and international occasions:

  • Role Model Conference in KSA,

  • 9th Middle East Artificial Lift Forum in Oman,

  • Adnoc’s People’s Week (Social and Emotional Dimensions), 

  • the Ramadan Majles under The Ministry of Interior,

  • The Happiness Journey under The Ministry of Happiness,

  • The Global Social Media Conference in Kuwait,

  • the 6th Wellness Day at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City in Abu Dhabi,

  • Eco Club Summit. The Environment Agency,

  • the American University in Dubai,

  • Dubai Sustainable Tourism Awards,

  • Nawah Company,

  • Ministry of Justice,

  • Fatima College,

  • Youth Forum,

  • Mubadala,

  • FAB,

  • Burooj,

  • ADCB,

  • Museum of the Future.

Most of the topics Hanan loves speaking about

The New Wellbeing 

Harness the art of emotional wellbeing. Learn tools that help cultivate positive emotions and emotional awareness. Practice mindfulness, self love and learn to control and channel your emotions and reactions—all based on advanced EQ techniques & Positive Psychology. 



  • Learn how to coop with change & work through your negative emotions.

  • Break the dysfunctional repeated patterns and re-create your story.

  • Release fear/anxiety & gain the right tools to design a life defined by pure joy.

Positive Leadership

This interactive talk  is designed to help you build key leadership skills and apply them to drive strategy, lead digital innovation and manage change in an increasingly volatile economy.



  • Learn the latest leadership skills in a practical way.

  • Maximise your personal learning and development through individual executive coaching.

  • Enhance your ability to lead and manage change across teams


Personal Growth

This lecture aims to help you become the happiest version of yourself by eliminating fear-based thoughts, overcoming mental blocks and discover tools that will help you master your own growth plan so that your vision, and true values are all aligned.


  • Overcome procrastination and form healthy habits.

  • Apply strategies of science-based motivation & productivity skills.

  • Master high personal performance and rid of stress

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